By activating the system, you gain

  • An instant opportunity to create an online income
  • Access to your own virtual office
  • All bonuses and commissions will be activated for you
  • You can choose a product from our offer immediately after activation
  • You will become part of the 2,000 community in V.I.P. private group on Facebook
  • You will get access to the educational system in the form of live online seminars
up to
commission for the sale of physical products
up to
commission for the sale of diamond jewelry
up to
commission from the sale of diamonds
  • $40 - 80 for each new active client
Current number of clients in the system
    up to 14,400 USD monthly
    up to 1,400 USD monthly
    up to 1,200 USD monthly


    All your payments can be exchanged for diamond jewelry, diamond watches or any other physical and digital products of your choosing. You never lose any of your money. You either keep is or multiply it several times!

    In addition, you can take a break, quit or resume your online business at any time. The program is absolutely fair and is verified by thousands of satisfied clients in several countries.

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    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
    Online support 24/7
    Live webinars
    Stores and showrooms (Prague and Bratislava)

    About Diamond Certainty

    For you, the Diamond Certainty program can mean income in such an amount that it will not only cover current expenses, but you will also become the master of your life and fulfill all your wishes, you will ensure a peaceful future for your family and yourself. Interesting bonuses and income every month, and not only that, thanks to diamond security, you create your life in an environment of successful people who support each other, help each other and share their successes.

    Work for pleasure in an online environment in which our experienced leaders will show you the right path to the desired result.

    Join a program that will make you money!

    What people are saying about us

    Jiří Stašek
    "It's crucial for me that it's a business that generates passive income. I work hard at the beginning and then I get my money every month. On the top of that, it´s online, so you can work from a caffee bar or on the beach, for example."
    Petr Grupa
    "An interesting internet business. Thanks to live webinars, I learned to talk and address people on social networks, which helped me increase my profits. I can do it even during graduation, so it the time consuming is up on us. I also recommend it to young people at school. "
    Ivan Trejbal
    "I lost my job because of coronavirus. I'm over 50 years old and they didn't care much for me. So I tried it, even though I never had any experience working online. I'm gradually learning and it works and I'm starting to make money."

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    MUDr. Luboš Říha

    Program founder and company president

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